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Monday, 5 March 2012

A Bit More Sherlock Art... and the Best Present I Have Ever Received

Hello one and all,
I hope you all enjoyed the crockery post. BB and I had the most enjoyable time decorating those ceramics - and they came out surprisingly well! Our good old friend SH (no, not Sherlock Holmes) who is also a fellow BenMaBeb fan gave me a VERY late birthday present (late, bearing in mind my birthday is September - it is so late, it is almost early for my next birthday). However in this case, I will forgive her, as it is probably the most gorgeous present that I have ever been given. So, ladies and gentlemen I proudly present...
Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock - a drawing by our official blog artist - SH.

SH - I love it. I know you think I am being all sentimental and mushy, but seriously, you have been moved up my favourite people list because of this. A big, awkward, unwanted hug coming your way soon. 

BB and I promise that we will be back with proper posts soon, but there is no peace...or rest for the wicked.


IOU - Moriarty to Sherlock
(In our case, WE O U about 65 blog posts XD)


SH said...

So kind of you, you sentimental, migraine-ridden... something.

I may be avoiding you for the next few days. Lovely crockery, by the way.


HAN said...

Love you too SH.


Sherlock and John #1 Fan Ever said...

Seriously, you are comfusing me now, which one is your friend and which one is Sherlock?!?!?!?!?!

HAN said...

SH is our friend and we will write Sherlock in full if we mean Sherlock Holmes.

Unknown said...

Great drawing of a great actor! Check out my post on the "cumberbitch" term.