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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Promise fulfilled - some more Sherlockian Posters

Hello again readers!

Sorry for the delay, but this has been the first tiny bit of spare time that I have managed to squeeze into my life in the last few months (and to be perfectly honest, there are a number of other things I really should be doing right now, homework being one of them).

Anyway, back at last to all things Cumberbatchy. As you know, we were planning to go and see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, but, unfortunately, we never really got a chance to. By the time we got round to it and pretty much decided on a day to go, it was only being shown late in the evening, and we couldn't make it. Not to worry; we'll be eagerly anticipating the DVD release (sometime in January I think, but I'm not altogether sure).  I know for a fact that we'll have a movie sesh one cold evening early next year, with a load of sweets and popcorn, and we'll give you our thoughts on it after that. If any of you were lucky enough to have time to see it, please feel free to comment with your thoughts/reviews and make us feel exceedingly jealous.

I also decided that I really ought to fulfill a promise that I made back in July, when life was easy and there was no homework to do, which was to give you some more Sherlockian posters. Well, here goes:

My apologies for not setting this out very well; I seem to be completely incapable at using the 'image' tool on Blogger. 

Thanks for reading - we'll try to blog again ASAP, but in the meantime please subscribe, comment and input into the BCAS blog.

Cheers x

"I'd be lost without my blogger" --- Sherlock, 'The Great Game'
"I am lost without my Boswell" ---  Holmes, 'A Scandal in Bohemia'