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Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Ok, so this is where I get a bit fangirl stalkerish, but the issue I am going to talk about deserves some recognition. Just take a good, long look at the photo montage below. Take your time...I'll be waiting for you at the bottom.

When BB and I talk about Benedict, the end of the conversation always ends with:
"How are amazing are his hands?.......ohhhh....his hands!" 
or words to that effect.
Now there aren't many men who have more beautiful hands than this. I wish I had such slender and long fingers because, apart from being droolingly gorgeous to look at, they are very useful. They are good for:

  •  playing musical instruments,
  • fishing things out of long jars, 
  • pickpocketing, 
  • forcing into jammed drawers to prise them open, 
  • touch typing, 
  • handling heavy bowling balls, 
  • hiding things in the palm of your hand,
  • winning the 'How may Party Ring biscuits can you fit on your finger?' competition,
  • fishing for burned pieces of toast in the toaster, 
  • dragging that stray cash from the bottom of a trouser pocket 
  • and actually fitting into those disposable latex gloves. 

Ok, I'm waffling now, but what else can you say about something so perfect? I just think that BenMaBeb's hands should get a bit of recognition.

HAN :)

Bit of trivia: In October 2010, Benedict had a cycling accident and injured one of his GORGEOUS hands :( Thankfully, it was only minor. (Breathes a sigh of relief)


Anonymous said...

I think Benedict's hands are georgous too. Mind you, I think the whole of Benedict is georgous. Especially his voice and cheekbones.

Sherlock and John #1 fan ever!

Anonymous said...

I want to be that index finger.....

Unknown said...

Thank you Han