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Monday, 2 January 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Sherlock...

Dear all,
First of all, punch me in the face. Go on punch me, in the face, didn't you hear me? I deserve to be punched due the shocking amount of time it has been since I discoursed my thoughts about BenMaBeb into this blog. I have somewhat relied on BB to keep this baby rolling. But now I am here, and that's all that matters. Well it has been about 24 hours since the credits rolled on A Scandal in Belgravia, the first episode of series (season for you yanks out there) two of the BBC's Sherlock. BB and I decided to watch it together, and so I went to BB's house and we watched it there. I must admit I failed to find my Benedict Cumberbatch t-shirt in time before I had to go out. So there I am, letting the side down again :(

Well...what did you think? I found that it was somewhat different to the first Sherlock series in as much that there was not one clear storyline from the beginning and there were many false starters, when you thought 'ohhhhh so this is the mystery', but then it was just passed over, such as the Speckled Blonde (neat reference there to the Speckled Band). The first half an hour may not have gripped me with mystery, but did certainly make be giggle. I never thought there would be a time when I would see Benedict Cumberbatch strut around and sulk like a three year old dressed in only a sheet, in the middle of Buckingham Palace. I loved it. Simple as. Moffat and Gatiss seem to be focusing more on the relationships between the characters instead of an open and shut case. I found the part with Molly Hooper, the Bart's Morgue worker at Sherlock and John's drinks party equally funny and shatteringly heart breaking as her whole evening falls apart when he pick up her present FOR HIM and then tramples on her self esteem in about twenty different ways. Tragic, but pure gold television.

However, when we did get into the nitty gritty stuff, my love for this 90 minutes of heaven grew. We get to meet Miss Adler ahem....in all her glory, when Sherlock attempts to act as a mugged priest and get into her ahem.....safe. However, he finds himself being straddled and 'de-frocked' just as John walks in....:) The smoke alarm and safe part was awesome, as was........seeing Sherlock's bedroom! Ohhhhh the periodic table <3 Mark Gatiss plays a very convincing Mycroft and I like his interaction with Martin Freeman who, by the way, is the only Watson for me.

An interesting and ongoing question raised by all Sherlock fans is: Is Sherlock straight, gay, bisexual, or asexual? Just as you thought that he and Adler were getting a bit steamy, we find out that he was actually TAKING HER PULSE. He obviously has feelings for her, but whether it is of a professional admiration for her, or he is falling for her? I think it may be a mixture of both, but we shall have to wait and see. *AHHHHHHHH* oops, sorry. Just got a text haha. Anyway, here are a few quotes that I managed to get down after watching it again. The full complete list will be up in the future:

Moriarty: Do you mind if I get that? 
Sherlock: Oh no, please, you’ve got the rest of your life.

Moriarty:I will find you and I will skin you.

Moriarty:Sorry, wrong day to die
Sherlock: Oh, did you get a better offer?

Moriarty: I you have what you say you have, I will make you rich. If you don’t I will make you into shoes.

Watson: What happened there? (makes me laugh so much, he is just as clueless sometimes as the audience are!)

Sherlock: I have a blog.
Watson: In which you innumerate 240 types of tobacco ash

Sherlock: People don’t really go to heaven when they die, they go to a special room where they are burned.

Lestrade: Any ideas?
Sherlock: 8 so far………ok four ideas…..maybe two ideas

Sherlock: Tell us from the start, don’t be boring.

Sherlock: Pass me over
Watson: Ok, but there is a mute button, and I will use it.

Watson: Are you wearing any pants?
Sherlock: No

Watson: I am seriously fighting an impulse so steal an ashtray

Watson: Are we here to see the queen? (enter Mycroft)
Sherlock: Apparently yes

Sherlock: I take the precaution of a good coat and a short friend.

Watson: Boys please, not here.

Mycroft: I’ll be mother
Sherlock: And there is a whole childhood in a nutshell

Sherlock: You have a police force of sorts and a marginally secret service why did you ask me?

Sherlock: You know I don’t concern myself with trivia.

Sherlock: Sex doesn’t alarm me
Mycroft: How would you know?

Sherlock: As Miss Adler remarks in her masthead, know when you are beaten.

Sherlock: Lateerrrrrs

Sherlock: The evidence is clear John, you see but not observe.

Sherlock: Punch me in the face
Watson: Punch you?
Sherlock: Yes punch me, in the face, didn’t you hear me?
Watson: I always hear punch me in the face when you are speaking but it is usually subtext.

Watson: I was a soldier Sherlock, I killed people.
Sherlock: You were a doctor.
Watson: I had my bad days.

Watson: I had tea too at the palace if anyone is interested.

Watson: Could you put something on please, anything at all, a napkin…

Sherlock: If I want to look at naked women I look at John’s laptop.

Adler: Brainy is the new sexy

Sherlock: Really hope you don’t have a baby in there.

American dude: Mr Archer, at the count of three shoot Dr. Watson

Watson: We should call the police
Sherlock: Yes. BANG BANG BANG BANG On their way. (BEST BIT BEST BIT BEST BIT!!!)

Sherlock: You seem very calm. Well your booby trap did just kill a man.

Adler: The keycode to my safe…shall I tell him?...my measurements

Watson: Oh I should warn you, I think Lestrade filmed you on his phone.

Sherlock: Of course I’ll be fine, I am fine, absolutely fine.

Watson: I’m next door if you need me
Sherlock: Why would I need you?
Watson:No reason at all.

Phone: Ahhh
Watson: What was that?
Sherlock: Text.

Mycroft: Oh shut up Mrs. Hudson
Watson and Sherlock: Mycroft!
Myscroft: Apologies

Sherlock: It’s a text alert, it means I’ve got a TEXT

Sherlock: Oh everybody say hello to each other, oh how wonderful.

Sherlock: Merry Christmas Molly Hooper. (kiss xx)

Molly Hooper: Who is she? How did Sherlock recognise her from not her face?

Sherlock: Smoking indoors, isn’t there one of those law things.

Sherlock: Do you ever wonder if there is something wrong with us?

Mycroft: Caring is not an advantage Sherlock

Sherlock: Merry Christmas Mycroft
Mycroft: And a happy new year

Watson: I’ll walk your dog. Look I have said it now, I’ll walk your dog.
Janette: I don’t have a dog
Watson: Oh no that was the last one

Sherlock: I hope you didn’t mess up my sock index this time.

Watson: Has he ever had any kind of girlfriend boyfriend any kind of relationship whatsoever.
Mrs Hudson: I don’t know
Watson: How do we not know?
Mrs Hudson: He’s Sherlock Holmes, who knows what goes on in that funny head of his?

Watson: Tell him you’re alive
Adler: I cant, he’ll come after me
Watson: And if you don’t I’ll come after you.

Watson: He will outlive God trying to have the last word.

Watson: We are not a couple
Adler: Yes you are

Watson: For anyone who actually cares I am not gay.

Sherlock: Don’t snivel Mrs Hudson it will do nothing to impede the flight of a bullet.

Sherlock: I dislike being outnumbered, it makes for too much stupid in the room

Sherlock: Moron

Crime in progress
Please disturb

Sherlock: Send your least irritating officer and an ambulance to Baker Street at once.

Mrs Hudson: Oh that was right on my bins!

How many times did he fall out of the window
Oh it was all a bit if a blur detective inspector, I lost count

Watson: Where is it anyway?
Sherlock: Second best place I know.
Mrs. Hudson: You left it in the pocket of your second best dressing gown. You clot.

Sherlock: Mrs. Hudson leave Baker Street? England would fall.

Sherlock: We have a client
Watson:What in your bedroom?..........Oh

Adler: I told you that camera phone was my life, I know when it is in my hand.

Watson: Hamish, John Hamish Watson. Just in case you were looking for baby names.

Watson: You’re right, flight 007.

Adler: I would have you right here, right now on this desk until you begged for mercy twice.

Moriarty: Jumbo Jet. Dear me Mr. Holmes, dear me.

Sherlock: Why would I want to have dinner if I wasn’t hungry.

Adler: If it was the last night before the world would you have dinner with me? Oh too late.
Sherlock: That’s not the end of the world, that’s Mrs. Hudson.

Adler: Ooh he is good I should have him on a leash, and maybe I will.

Sherlock: Sorry about dinner

Sherlock: If its about the Leeds triple murder, it’s the gardener, nobody noticed the earring.


Happy New Year

HAN :)

Sherlock: I have never begged for mercy in my life.


SH said...

Very nice. How many times did you watch it to get all the quotes? XD

But THREE dots in an ellipsis, and full stops at the end of sentences would be lovely. There are some commas which should be semicolons as well, but never mind.

- SH

BB said...

Only once actually, that's why I have so many punctuation issues. My fingers were flying over the keyboard at quite a rate. Mistakes are inevitable.

Anonymous said...

You spelt Hamish like this. It should be spelt Hamesh. Sorry if inconvenient.

Sherlock and John #1 fan ever!

Anonymous said...

But any other wise, that was ... amazing. My mates tell me I am crazy about Sherlock. I just love him that's all...

Sherlock and John #1 fan ever!

BB said...

Cheers for commenting. It's not inconvenient at all, and I did a little google search of Hamish/Hamesh and it seems it can be spelt both ways - I think Hamish may have been the more common English version though.

And as you can probably tell, we're a little bit crazy about Sherlock here at BCAS too, so I think you may have come to the right place!


Anonymous said...

Thanks BB

I love this website. Thanks for replying to my comment! It would be nice to talk to Sherlock though. I am good at pointing out punctuation errors and I have a mind palace. I even have a John Watson myself. I love Sherlock so much but I wish he could update his website (the science of deduction0 more often. I really wanted to see his 240 types of tobacco ash. No wait, 243!

Thanks any way!

Sherlock and John #1 fan ever!

Anonymous said...

that 0 is meant to be a closing bracket! Sorry!