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Friday, 2 March 2012

Sherlockian Crockery

Hello readers,

I thought I'd take this blog post to show off your BCAS bloggers' creative side, as you mainly get to experience our literary ramblings, rather than our artistic *cough* expertise *cough*. Now, this isn't something we do everyday, in fact, this isn't something I've ever attempted before, but HAN and I got painting a few weeks back. And as you can see, this wasn't any ordinary painting: this was Sherlockian Crockery painting. 

I must confess, it was HAN who came prepared with the Holmes silhouette and quote bank, which I guess makes up for her temporarily losing her Benedict Cumberbatch shirt.

And these awesomosoarus pictures were the day's creations. The plate belongs to HAN, who went for the sleek, stylish and sophisticated black and white look, combining some of the programme's best quotes, as well as the snazzy BCAS initials. I went for the mug, because you can never have too many, and decided to "Union Flag" (it's only Jack when it's flying at sea) the silhouette, and go for the "falling's just like flying" quote, with BCAS written on the handle. There was a little bit of a major doubt in my mind as to how mine was going to appear, as the blue paint was purple before the mug was glazed, and I didn't have 100% confidence in it coming out blue. Thankfully, it did.

So, that's it for this BCAS update. Thanks for reading, and as always, please feel completely free to input into the blog by commenting, subscribing and telling your friends about us. And if any of you feel compelled to make your own Sherlockian Crockery, let us know - we'd love to see them!

BB :) 

"Would you like to know who ate the wafer?" --- Sherlock to the Judge


vickistipes said...
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Thanks for sharing.Sherlockian Crockery looks very decent,stylish and painted by different colors.i love the colored black and white which i saw in images.i really liked it.

Sherlock and John #1 fan ever! said...

I loved it!