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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

'Keep Calm and Carry On' Sherlock Style

Inspired by HAN's long list of gobsmackingly brilliant Sherlock quotes, I thought I'd make a few little posters, Keep Calm and Carry On style. There's a few Sherlock-themed ones chilling on Google images already, but, to be honest, the cool person inside me wanted to make my own. I thought four would be enough for one blog post, and also enough for one day, but I've got a few more ideas in my slightly crazy brain ready to be converted with the help of publisher...

In fact, I must confess, the hardest part of this process was most definitely trying to lay the images out on this post, and as you can see, I've pretty much failed at it. Oh well, hopefully my skills will have improved next time.

More soon, and that's a promise!

BB :)

"It's a three-patch problem" -- Sherlock

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