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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Sherlockian Quotes Episode Two - The Blind Banker

John Watson: “I don’t have the shopping”
Sherlock: "Why not?”
John Watson: “Because I had a row with the chip and pin machine – or rather, it sat there and I shouted abuse at it”

Sherlock: "I sent them a message”

John Watson: Its password protected
Sherlock: "In a manner of speaking, it took me less than one minute to guess the password. It’s not exactly Fort Knox.”

John Watson: “Yes, when you said we were going to the bank…”

Sherlock: "This is my friend, John Watson”
Sebastian (Bank Guy): “Friend?”
John Watson: “Colleague”

Sherlock: "Flying all the way round the world, twice in a month?”
Sherlock: "Its not a trick”
Sherlock: "No, I was just chatting with your secretary, she told me”
John Watson: “You didn’t ask his secretary did you?”

John Watson: “It’s the only explanation of all of the facts”
Sherlock: "Wrong, it’s one explanation of some of the facts”

Sherlock: "Would you like me to carry on?”
John Watson: “No its fine, we get th – “
Sherlock: "Well I might as well finish, I’ m nearly at the end of my list.”

John Watson: “I thought all bankers were supposed to be heartless bastards

DI Dimmock: “And the bullet – ?“
Sherlock: "Went through the open window.”

Sherlock: "there aren’t many Van Coons in the phone book – TAXI!”

Sherlock: "I’ve just locked my keys in my flat
Lady: “DO you want me to buzz you in?”
Sherlock: "Yeah! – And can I use your balcony?”

John Watson: “He was being threatened, and not by the gas board”

Sherlock: "This investigation might move a bit quicker if you took MY WORD AS GOSPEL”

John Watson: “Why do they die Sherlock?”

Sherlock: "The world is run if codes and ciphers, John”

Sherlock: "I need to ask for some advice”
John Watson: “What?”
Sherlock: " You heard me John, I’m not saying it again.”

Sherlock: "I said could you pass me a pen?”
John Watson: “What? When?
Sherlock: "About an hour ago”
John Watson: “You didn’t notice I’d gone then?”

Sherlock: "He’s killed another one”

Sherlock: "You have seen the ballistics report?”
DI Dimmock:  (nod)
Sherlock: "And I take it the shot wasn’t fired from his gun?”
DI Dimmock: “No”

Sherlock: "It’s not what they say, its what they brought back in their suitcases.”
John Watson: “And you don’t think duty free”

Sherlock: "Remind me, when was the last time it rained?”

Sherlock: "Do you leave your windows open when you go on holiday?”

John Watson: “ME Sherlock, in court, on Tuesday. THEY’RE GIVING ME AN ASBO”

DI Dimmock: “Your friend – “
John Watson: “Please, say whatever you want and I am 100% behind you.”
Di Dimmock: “He’s an arrogant sod”
John Watson: “Well that was mild.”

Sherlock: "Oh stupid, STUPID! Obvious. He’s still here.”

John Watson: “I’m Sherlock Holmes, I work alone because no one can compete with my MASSIVE INTELLECT.”

Sherlock: "Forget about your court date”

Sherlock: "What are you thinking? The pork or the pasta?”

Sherlock: "I don’t eat when I’m working, digestion slows me down.”

Sherlock: "Maybe these two went to the same Chinese tattoo parlour.  Or maybe, I was telling the truth”

Sherlock: "This is not just a gang, it’s a cult”

Sherlock: "Careful, some of those skulls are over 200,000 years old, have a bit of respect……Thank You.”

Mrs Hudson: “Are we collecting for charity Sherlock? “

Sherlock: "It’s got to be a book they both own”
John Watson: “ Oh, great. Well, that wont take too long.”

DI Dimmock: “Is there anything else I can do?…to assist you I mean.”
Sherlock: "Some silence now would be great.”

John Watson: “Actually, I’ve got a date. Its where two people who like each other go out and have fun.”
Sherlock: "Where are you going?”
John Watson: “Cinema.”
Sherlock: "Oh dull. Boring. Predictable.”

John Watson: (Whispering) “While I’m trying to… WHILE I’M TRYING TO GET OFF WITH SARAH.”

Sarah: “Is it just me or is anyone else starving?”
Sherlock: (to himself) “oh god...”

Sherlock: "A hairpin, worth 9 million pounds”
John Watson: “Why so much”
Sherlock: "It depends who owned it”

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