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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sherlockian Quotes Episode Three - The Great Game

Ok, so its been a while, but when I started transcribing the best quotes from Sherlock, it hadn't dawned on me that there were so many! It took me over three hours of blood, sweat, broken biros and mini 'I-can't-believe-I-love-BenMaBeb-so-much' tears to do Episode three. I had written them all down BY HAND, and now I am TYPING ALL OF THEM UP FOR YOU. Don't feel bad or anything. So here goes...

Sherlock: "It's not weren't, it's wasn't"

Mr Pugh (the man arrested in Minsk, Belarus): "My old man was a butcher. I know how to handle knives. He learned us how to cut up a beast."
Sherlock: "Taught."
Mr Pugh:"What?"
Sherlock: "He taught you how to cut up a beast."
Mr Pugh: "Yeah well, then I done it."
Sherlock: "Did it."

Mr Pugh: "Without you, I'll get hung for this."
Sherlock: "No, no, no Mr Pugh, not at all...Hanged, yes.

(Sherlock shoots the wall)
John Watson: "What the hell are you doing?"
Sherlock: "Bored."
John Watson: "What?"
Sherlock: "Bored" (BANG) "Bored" (BANG) "Bored" (BANG)

John Watson: "Oh fu-...There's are head. (Shouting) Is that a head?"
Sherlock: "No just tea for me thanks."
John Watson: "No, there's a head in the fridge."
Sherlock: "Yes."
John Waston: "A bloody head."
Sherlock: "Well, where else was I supposed to put it? You don't mind do you? I got it from Barts morgue. I'm measuring the coagulation of saliva after death."

Sherlock: "Sherlock sees through everything and everyone in seconds. What's incredible though is how spectacularly ignorant he is about some things."

Sherlock: "Look it doesn't matter to me who's Prime Minister and who is sleeping with who-"
John Watson: "And if the Earth goes round the sun."
Sherlock: "Oh that again. It's not important!"
John Watson: (mutters) "Not important" (To Sherlock) "Its PRIMARY SCHOOL stuff. How do you not know that?"
Sherlock: "If I ever did I have deleted it."
John Watson: "Deleted it?"
Sherlock: (points to head) "This is my hard drive and it makes sense to only put things in there that are useful, really useful. Ordinary people fill their heads with all kinds of rubbish. It makes it hard to get to the stuff that really matters. Do you see?
John Watson: "But its the solar system!"

Sherlock: "All that matters to me is the work and without it, my brain rots. Put that in your blog, or better still, stop inflicting you opinions on the world."

Mrs Hudson: "You two had a little domestic?"

Sherlock: "Look at that Mrs. Hudson. Quiet, peaceful. Isn't it hateful?"

Sherlock: (To Mycroft) "How's the diet?"

Sherlock: "How's Sarah, John? How was the Lilo?"
Mycroft: "Sofa, Sherlock, it was the sofa."
Sherlock: "oh yes, of course."
John Watson: "How?....oh never mind."

Sherlock: "Coming?"
John Watson: "If you want me."
Sherlock: "Of course, I'd be lost without my blogger."

Sherlock: "Nice stationary."

John Watson: "That's the phone, the pink phone."
Inspector Lestrade: "From the Study in Pink?"
Sherlock: "Well obviously its not the same phone but its supposed to look like it...The Study in Pink? You read his blog?"
Inspector Lestrade: "Of course I read his blog, we all do. Do you really not know that the earth goes round the sun?"

Sherlock: "Pass me my phone."
John Watson: "Where is it?"
Sherlock: "Jacket....(Watson reaches into the jacket that SHERLOCK IS WEARING and feels for the phone) CAREFUL."

Sherlock: "Hospitals are full of hundreds of dying people. Why don't you cry by their bedside DOCTOR and see what good it does them."

Sherlock: "Gay"
Mortuary Doctor: "What?"
John Watson: "Nothing"
Sherlock: "Hey."

John Watson: "Just because because he puts a bit of product in his hair? I put product in my hair."
Sherlock: "There's a difference, you wash your hair."

John Watson: "Charming"
Sherlock: "Just saving her time, isn't that kind?"
John Watson: "No Sherlock, that wasn't kind."

John Watson: "How did I do?"
Sherlock: "Well John... really well...well you missed almost everything important but um...you know."

John Watson: "It's your brother. He's texting me now...how did you get my number?"
Sherlock: "Must be a root canal."

John Watson: (to Mycroft) "He's investigating away."

Sherlock: "I referred to her husband in the past tense. She joined in. It's a bit premature, they've only just found the car."

John Watson: "I've got change for the machine if you still want to..."
Sherlock: "Nicotine patches John, I'm doing well."

Sherlock: "I am on FIRE!"

John Watson: "Has it occurred to you -"
Sherlock: "Probably"
John Watson: "Ahem. Has it occurred to you that.."

Sherlock: "Tetanus bacteria enters the bloodstream. Goodnight Vienna."

Sherlock: "Good Samaritan"
Inspector Lestrade: "Who press gangs suicide bombers?"
Sherlock: "Bad Samaritan."

Mrs Hudson: "I should never wear cerise apparently. It drains me."

John Watson: "Sherlock, we've got deadlines."

Sherlock: "Tut tut, the bomber has repeated himself."

Sherlock: "Well obviously I lost that round, although technically I did solve the case."

John Watson: "So people come to him to get their crimes fixed up, like booking a holiday?"
Sherlock: "Novel."

Sherlock: "He wants to be distracted."
John Watson: "Well, I think you two will be very happy together."
Sherlock: "Sorry WHAT?"
John Watson: "There are lives at stake here Sherlock, actual human lives. Just so I know, do you actually care about that at all?"
Sherlock: "Will caring about them help save them?"
John Watson: "No."
Sherlock: "Well I'll continue to not make that mistake."

Sherlock: "Don't make people into heroes John. Heroes don't exist and if they did, I wouldn't be one of them."

Inspector Lestrade: "Any ideas?"
Sherlock: "Seven."

Inspector Lestrade: "But what has that got to do with the painting. I don't see."
Sherlock: "You do see, you just don't observe."
John Watson: "Yes, alright, alright girls, calm down."

John Watson: "Amazing."
Sherlock: "Meretricious."
Inspector Lestrade: "And a Happy New Year"

Sherlock: "Have a nice day!"

Sherlock: "Fortunately, I haven't been idle."

Sherlock: (looking at the stars under the Vauxhall Arches) "Beautiful isn't it?"
John Watson: "I thought you didn't care about-"
Sherlock: "Doesn't mean I can't appreciate it."

Sherlock: "The homeless network. My eyes and ears all over the city."
John Watson: "So what? You scratch their backs-"
Sherlock: "Yes and then disinfect myself."

Sherlock: "And did those whispers have a name?"

Sherlock: "Come on. I've got a little bit of burglary to do."

Sherlock: "Despite what people think, we still have a secret service."

Sherlock: "NO, NO, NO! Of course he's not the boy's father. Look at the turn ups on his jeans!"

Sherlock: "He was over the moon. Threatened me with a knighthood...AGAIN."

John Watson: "We need milk."
Sherlock: "I'll get some."
John Watson: (Big pause) "Really?"
Sherlock: "Really."
John Watson: "And some beans then?"
Sherlock: "Of course."

Moriarty: "I gave you my number. I thought you might call."

Moriarty: "Is that a British Army Browning L9A1 in your pocket, or are you just pleased to see me?"

Moriarty: "Jim Moriarty....HI!!"

Sherlock: "Consulting criminal...brilliant."
Moriarty: "Isn't it?!"

Moriarty: "But the flirting is over Sherlock. Daddy's had enough now!"

Sherlock: "But people have died."
Moriarty: "Thats what people DO!"

Moriarty: "Missile plans.........boring!"

Moriarty: "Westwood."

Sherlock: "Catch. You. Later."
Moriarty: "No you won't!"

Sherlock: (to John) "That thing that you did...that you offered to do, that was...ahem...good."

Well thats the final splurge of quotes for this series/season! Enjoy!

HAN :)

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A.Kathleen said...

Loved these :) are they doing another season of sherlock? Bloody brilliant stuff!

BB said...

Yes they are :D They're filming it atm, and it's due to air in the autumn - HAN did a post on it a couple of weeks back :)

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