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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sherlockian Quotes Episode 1 - 'A Study in Pink'

I watched the first episode of 'Sherlock' last weekend and transcribed some of the best quotes from Sherlock and other characters. I had a blast doing it. It made me realise how genius the script is for this series, and how you only get some of the more complicated jokes when watching the episode for a second time. I knew what was going to happen this time, so I could appreciate the smaller, finer details of the show. Anyway...enjoy, and if you think there are any that I have missed out, feel free to comment.

·   Sherlock: "Fine, We’ll start with the riding crop" 

·   Sherlock: "Are you wearing lipstick, you weren’t wearing lipstick before?"

rf  Mortuary Doctor: "Maybe later, I could get you a coffee?"
·   Sherlock: "Black, two sugars please, I’ll be upstairs."
    Sherlock: "Oh, I prefer to text."

·   Sherlock: "Afghanistan or Iraq?"

·   Sherlock: "What happened to the lipstick?"
    Mortuary Doctor: “It wasn’t working for me”
     Sherlock: "Oh, I thought it was a big improvement; your lips look too small now"

     Sherlock: "Would that bother you, potential flat mates should learn the worst about each other."

     Sherlock: "Sorry, got to dash, I think I left my riding crop in the mortuary."

     Sherlock: "The name is Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221B Baker Street – afternoon."

     Sherlock: "My thoughts exactly, so I went straight ahead and moved in."

     Sherlock : "Four serial suicides and now a note ahh it’s Christmas. Mrs. Hudson, I’ll be late, might need some food."

     Sherlock: "Possible suicides, four of them, there’s no point sitting at home when there’s finally something fun going on."
     Sherlock : "Who cares about decent, the game, Mrs. Hudson, IS ON."

     Sherlock: "I’m a consulting detective. Only one in the world, I invented the job. It means when the police are out of their depth, which is always, they consult me."

     John Watson: "That…. was amazing."
     Sherlock: "Its not what people normally say"
     John Watson: "What do people normally say?"
     Sherlock: "Piss off"

·   Sherlock: "Is your wife away for long (...) your deodorant told me that."
     Anderson: "How?"
     Sherlock:  "Its for men."
     Anderson: "Well of course its for men, I’m wearing it."
     Sherlock: "So is Sergeant Donovan (...)I’m not implying anything, I’m sure Sally came round for a little chat and just happened to stay over. And I assume she scrubbed your floors going by the state of her knees.

     Sherlock: "Shut up"
     Lestrade: "I didn’t say anything"
     Sherlock: "You were thinking, its annoying"

    Sherlock (to Anderson): "Yes, thanks you for your input, SLAM"

     Sherlock: "Dear God, What is it like in your funny little brains? It must be so boring."

     Sherlock: "They take the poison themselves, they chew, swallow the pills themselves, there are clear sign even you lot couldn’t miss them."
     Sherlock: "Its murder. All of them, I don’t know how. They’re not suicides, they’re killings. Serial killings. We’ve got ourselves a serial killer; I love those, always something to look forward to."
     Sherlock: "Her case, what did she do with her case? Did she eat it?"

     Sherlock: "Ah breathing, breathing is boring."

     Sherlock: "Ah yeah, of course, can I borrow your phone."
     John Watson: "You brought me here to send a text?!
     Sherlock: "A text yes, the number on my desk."
     John Watson: "I was on the other side of London"

·   Sherlock: "These words exactly – What happened at Laureston Gardens, I must have blacked out 22 Northumberland Street."

     Sherlock: "Oh perhaps I should mention, I didn’t kill her."
     Sherlock: "It took less than an hour to find the right skip."
     Sherlock: "Well I had to be pink obviously"
     John Watson: "Why didn’t I think of that?"
     Sherlock: "Because you’re an idiot. No, no, don’t be like that, practically everyone is."

     Sherlock: "Four people are dead; there isn’t time to talk to the police"
     Sherlock: "Mrs. Hudson took my skull."
     Sherlock: "Haven’t the faintest. Hungry?"
     Sherlock: "Girlfriend – no. Not really my area."

     John Watson: "Do you have a boyfriend, which is fine by the wa-"
     Sherlock: "I know its fine."
     John Watson: "So you have a boyfrie-"
     Sherlock: "No."
     John Watson: "Right Ok, you’re unattached just like me."
     Sherlock: "John um, I think you should know that I consider myself married to my work and although I am flattered by your interest, I really am not looking for anything."
     John Watson: "No, no, no, NOT. I’m not asking, I’m just saying …it’s all fine."
     Sherlock: "Good, thank you"

     Sherlock: "Inspector Lestrade? – yeah, I pickpocket him when he’s annoying."
     Sergeant Donovan: "Are these human eyes?"
     Sherlock: "Put them back.
     Sergeant Donovan: "They were in the microwave."
     Sherlock: "It’s an experiment."
     Sherlock: "Anderson, I’m not a psychopath, I’m a high functioning sociopath – do your research."
     Sherlock: "Shut up everybody, shut up. Don’t move, don’t speak don’t breath."
     Sherlock: "Anderson, face the other way, you’re putting me off."
     Sherlock: "Look at you lot, you’re all so vacant, is it nice not being me it must be so relaxing."
     Sherlock: "She's cleverer than you lot, and she's dead"

     Sherlock: "Anderson, don’t talk out loud, you lower the IQ of the whole street."
     Sherlock: "Who hunts in the middle of a crowd?"
     Sherlock: "I’m in shock; look I have an orange blanket."
     Sherlock: "Good shot"
     Sherlock: "Are you all right?"
     John Watson: "Yes course I’m alright"
     Sherlock: "Well you have just killed a man"
    John Watson: "Well yes…that’s true… but he wasn’t a very nice man"
    Sherlock: "No he wasn’t really was he?"
     John Watson: "Frankly a bloody awful cabby."
     Sherlock: "That’s true, he was a bad cabby, you should have seen the route he took us to get here."
     John Watson: "Ha-ha stop it, you can’t giggle, it’s a crime scene stop it"
     Sherlock: "Well you’re the one who shot him don’t blame me"
     John Watson: "Keep your voice down (to passer by) sorry its just nerves I think."
     Sherlock: "Sorry."

·   John Watson: "You were going to take that damn pill weren’t you?"
     Sherlock: "Course I wasn’t, I was biding my time. Knew you’d turn up."
     John Watson: "No you didn’t. That’s how you get your kick s isn’t it? You risk your life to prove you’re clever."
     Sherlock: "Why would I do that?"
    John Watson: "‘Cause you’re an idiot"
     Sherlock: "Dinner?"
     John Watson "Starving."

     Sherlock: "Good evening Mycroft. Try not to start a war before I get home, you know what it does to the traffic"


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Anonymous said...


I know you have already put it but this is one of my favourite ones:

She's cleverer than you lot, and she's dead!

Thanks for enlightening my day!

Sherlock and John #1 fan ever!